Benny Sip
The Creative Life Is The Only Life



One day soon

All of your words will fade

As will every track you ever made

All there is is today

Best to pave your own way

Best to say what it is

You want to say

~ Erased ~

Ben Sippola
On Feeling

“How did you know?” he asked.

It was not so much a matter of knowing this or that.

It was just something I felt.


In the core.

Appealing more

To the heart than the head

I guess.

~ On Feeling ~

Ben Sippola
Alien Question

If the aliens arrived today

And took you away

As the one and only specimen of the human race

Knowing that you would be returned safe

What would their report say?

~ Alien Question ~

Ben Sippola

You must have fun with love

Because you never know when

It will run out

~ Literally ~

Ben Sippola
Cycle Of Regret 

First comes the rage

Then comes the "mistake" of behaving some way or saying something one regrets

Then comes the shame 

Then comes the disappointment in one's self for feeling a certain way

Then comes the anxiety 

Then comes the guilt 

Then comes the embarrassment

Then comes the anger

Not necessarily in that order

First comes the rage

Then comes the "mistake" of behaving some way or saying something one regrets

Then comes the shame 

Then comes the disappointment in one's self for feeling a certain way

Then comes the anxiety 

Then comes the guilt 

Then comes the embarrassment

Then comes the anger

Not necessarily in that order

~ Cycle Of Regret ~ 

Ben Sippola
Into The Light

Out of darkness

The seed arrives

Into the light


From nowhere

All along


Without anyone knowing

~ Into The Light ~

Ben Sippola
The Perfect Order

I feel as if I am slowly becoming the architect of a great system.

What I have learned is that innovation, more often than not, is a return to, rather than something brand new.

A stripping back of sorts. Becoming barren again. Naked homeostasis.

There is such a thing as perfect order in this world. 

All life begins at the centre.

In the case of the tree, radiating from the seed, extending downward into the earth through roots and upward into the air by branches.

The perfect fractal pattern emerges, replicating itself time and again.

~ The Perfect Order ~

Ben Sippola

What begins as a drip

Quick becomes a trickle

And then a creek

And then a stream

And then a river






No obstacles

In its path

~ Droplet ~

Ben Sippola


Day by day

I was becoming a poet

And I did not even know it

Prolific in my own right

As the great river

Suddenly at once

Turns from a droplet 

Into a raging 


~ Unstoppable ~

Ben Sippola

My child

If only you could see 

As I do 

From outside

How bright

It is that you shine 

From the inside

~ Child ~

Ben Sippola
Butterfly To Caterpillar

You my dear

Are nowhere near

Where you could be

Where you will be

Flying to other galaxies

Wings spread

No ahead 

No behind

Forcing nothing


Right here 

Right now

~ Butterfly To Caterpillar ~

Ben Sippola
On Comparison

Let's play a game

You and me

One I like to call


But before we begin

Let me ask you

How far back you'd like to start 

And how far forward you'd like to end

You know

It's good to establish rules when playing a game

In order to know if one is breaking them or playing fairly

So let me ask you again

Where will we begin

And where will we end


Let's play a game

~ On Comparison ~ 

Ben Sippola
Conversations Between Caterpillar And Butterfly

C: Butterfly?

B: Yes, dear.

C: You are so beautiful.

B: And so are you Caterpillar.

C: But not like you Butterfly. 

B: We are all beautiful Caterpillar.

C: Do you really believe that Butterfly?

B: I do. There is also no need to compare.

C: That's nice of you to say Butterfly but look at your beautiful wings!

B: Caterpillar, I too was once just like you.

C: That is sure hard to believe Butterfly!

B: But it is true and I can remember crawling just like you. And you know what?

C: What Butterfly?

B: I miss being able to see my many feet.

C: Oh, come on butterfly you must be kidding!

B: My dear Caterpillar, it is true indeed.

C: But Butterfly, when you are flying aren't you able to see the incredible world beneath you?

B: Yes caterpillar. The world is an extraordinary place.

C: I cannot wait to fly like you Butterfly!

B: My dear Caterpillar, when I look down and see you crawling, playing in the leaves, I smile, knowing that you are right where you are meant to be.

C: Really?

B: Yes, my dear Caterpillar, really. 

Ben Sippola
Riding On A Feather

There is a place I go

Where no one else knows

Riding on a feather

Rod in hand

A wake in my path

No trail left behind

A rainbow’s end

~ Riding On A Feather ~

Ben Sippola
Riding On A Poem

There is a place I go

Where no one else knows

Riding on a poem

A trail of ink in my path

~ Riding On A Poem ~

Ben Sippola
A Plea For The New Zealand Teenager

From the New Zealand teenager,

Despite what one may perceive

Rippling blue and rolling green

As far as the eye can see

New Zealand is not the paradise it seems to be

Adolescent teens commit regularly

At rates alarming

Acts one can hardly conceive

Dire help needed

From The New Zealand teen

p.s. Struggling…

~ A Plea For The New Zealand Teenager ~

Ben Sippola
On Learning

Most of us are only concerned about looking good but learning is not about looking good.

In fact, it's often the exact opposite, ugly as… As they say in New Zealand, ugly as…

How does one progress?

By relearning what learning looks and feels like again real fast, as fast as one can.

~ On Learning ~

Ben Sippola
An Apology

Dear Child

Please accept an apology on my behalf

For having said to you

Something hurtful

In the past

I did not know that words

Could make such a stamp

On a young person's heart

~ An Apology ~

Ben Sippola
Ask More Better Questions Or Just Shut Up

So many young people haven't a clue what they would like to or want to do.

You will often hear them saying things like, "I don't know what I want to do" or "I'd like to, but..." Oh, how I hate that word, but. How I abhor such a word full of excuse and thwarted potential. How often I have heard from the mouth of some young person "Thats sounds nice, but..." or "I would, but..." But's drive me nuts. They are full of fear, but's they are... Anyhow...

If we are really being honest with ourselves, the question we are often asking these youngsters is not "what is it that you want to do?" or "what is it that you would you like to do?" Rather it is the following question in disguise. “How is it that you intend to make enough money to pay the bills for the next 50 years and retire around the age of seventy?"

When sitting down to have such a discussion, few of us, most of us, have any real interest in what a young person actually wants to do or let alone say. More often than not, we ask only so that, we can tell them what we want for them, or even sillier, what we want or would have wanted for our younger selves. So, we resort to asking silly questions, that no young person, or human for that matter, could possibly ever answer. Then, we allow ourselves to go ahead, filling the gap for them, with stupid answers. Stupid answers to silly questions. Maybe you haven't done this. I have.  

We love, we love, we love, to profess what others “should” or “should not do.” As if looking back and being able to tell our menial little selves, what we would have or could have been or done. If only… If only’s haunt us all. "This is what I did.” Says the middle aged professor, self described mentor or mother / father. “This is what i did. Look you can be just like me.”

So what am I really trying to say? I'm not so sure actually. Perhaps, it is, ask more better questions, or, just shut up.

Yes. I like that.

Consider the fact that you likely hadn’t and still haven't a clue yourself as to what you wanted or want to do. And that as much as you intend to help with your silly questions, and stupid answers, you might be better off yet, having left everything you have ever said, or are about to say, unsaid. 

Consider instead, how almost everything you have ever said, every word that has come from your mouth, has fallen on deaf ears, and that silence itself can be thundering. Silence itself can be deafening. Silence itself can allow someone else, perhaps a young person searching for a hint, to speak into it in order to find something, who knows what, there. You know, in the silence.

And you, for once, yes you, your loud and boisterous self, with all of life’s answers, to listen.

~ Ask More Better Questions Or Shut Up ~

Ben Sippola