Benny Sip


The Vast Expanse

Most men, nearly all of them, are on a treadmill to nowhere,

This is not unfortunate as much as a simple case of, it is what it is,

Imagine, a whirlpool of sorts where the river is not allowed the freedom to run,

Never culminating in nature’s grand finale when sweet water meets the sea,

Where once and for all, a water molecule is released into the ocean deep,

Freed from the muddy and craggy banks that have contained it for an entire lifetime,

Imagine the deliverance, how the river must feel upon spilling into such an abyss like the Atlantic or Pacific,

Unbridled expression without inhibition merging into the great ebb and flow,

The water, the sky, the birds,

The vast expanse which all men were originally granted and born to bathe in.

Ben Sippola