Benny Sip


Only Love

The enemy looked into my eyes

And for a moment I thought

How is it that I can despise

Another human so?

As at one time

I had never even known the foe

And in that next moment

All the hatred I held





And now I know






I am made of

Only Love.

~ Only Love ~

Ben Sippola
The Creative Life Is The Only Life

There is a place reserved for those select few

Whose only aim is to

Find the space that lay

Between the tip of one’s pen

And the white blank page

That millimeter where

All things begin and all things end

Where the imagination is manifest


A thought becomes a simple act


Born from nothing

Seemingly so

This is what I live for

This is what I’ll die for

Nothing less and nothing more

Ben Sippola

I can feel myself emerging

A mayfly submerged for all of eternity

Rising to the surface

Where the battle for life

Only grows

As does the capacity to move further

Towards the place reserved for those with wings

In the clouds.

Ben Sippola
Hearts' Tune

When I was small someone told me,

I would amount to nothing,

That I would live an ordinary existence,

It doesn't matter who that someone was.

What matters is that I believed them.

So many years,

That person's voice played in my head.

So many times,

That broken record played over its’ self.

Until one day,

I hit stop.

I decided that if the mind were a disk,

That it may as well play a good tune.

And if for whatever reason it began to skip,

I'd turn it off.

Most people waste their lives away,

Listening to someone else's tune.

So I ask of you,

I beg of you,

Play your heart's tune.

No other tune will do.

Ben Sippola
A Great River

When it it all said and done

Make me a great river


Wild and Strong

Always in flow

~ A Great River ~

Ben Sippola
Hey Kid

Hey Kid,

This universe is much smaller than you might think it is.

After all, all that separates us two, you and me and me and you, is the slightest of degrees.


You know, we are not that separate after all, you and I. And trust me, you never know when the paths we walk will cross.

So best to be yourself. That kid you are deep down. Kind at heart. Strong willed. And as for giving your best… Yes, always do your best, with effort, left foot forward. What I’m trying to say is the best you know how with all you’ve got, intentions pure.

Because if we haven't met yet, chances are that we will soon. Around some corner, when you least expect it. But, I will be. You know, expecting our “impromptu” meeting.

That’s right, I will be waiting for you to flash past me. Where in that brief moment, you lifting your gaze momentarily, our eyes meet. And then, yes we will have just met for the very first time. You and me and me and you. Us.

Yes. We. One.

~ Hey Kid ~

Ben Sippola
The Moment I Stopped Playing Pretend

I’ll never forget the moment when I stopped playing pretend.

I remember sitting there on the carpet, the age of 10, lost in Lego Land. Playing, imagining, creating only as a child can. Then suddenly, as if I could see myself from above, I, for the first time ever, asked my little self “what would someone think if they were to see you right now - playing pretend - what a silly kid?” And that, that is when it ended. Just like that, in a second.

It was as if any “happy thoughts” that Peter Pan had granted were no longer accepted. Through finding my self for the first time, looking from above, I lost the “lost boy” I had been since inception. The birthright that should be granted to all children. Unrestricted permission to “play pretend.” However, in my case, on this unforgettable day, the fairy dust had run out. And that was the moment when Lego Land ended and I, a lost boy no longer, entered the world of adulthood. 10.

Surely a significant moment. After all, 20 years later I still remember it. Vividly. Painful perhaps, or more so a remembrance of the stark realisation that one cannot go on forever “playing pretend.” Eventually, as someone must have said, “we must all grow up in the end.” Throwing play to the wayside. Forgetting it completely. Replacing it with real life. As one adult, long after my inner child died, later described “life, wife and bills.”

Or rather, the inner child never died as much as the lost boy just got lost for a little while. Yes, perhaps something like that, along those lines. Is not the beauty of something lost that it only waits to be found again? A toy hidden beneath a child’s bed. Like pieces of legos, once lost long ago, still capable of building a child’s vision. The beauty that is a human’s imagination, lost, put to rest, found again. Coming full circle in a round world that tells us to grow up and then, then become children again.

~ The Moment I Stopped Playing Pretend ~

Ben Sippola
I Am Doing Alright

When the ink in my pen is low

And I've spent more time in flow than anywhere else

This is how I know

~ I Am Doing Alright ~

Ben Sippola
A Poet’s Manifesto

Each day is a white blank canvas

An opportunity

To breach the gap





~ A Poet’s Manifesto ~

Ben Sippola

Get on the train


Stay out of the fuckin’ way.

The landscape’s a changin’.

~ Railroad ~

Ben Sippola
The Ride Of Your Life

And just like that the words came

Like rain on a dry plain

Saturating the landscape

There is a prolificness inside you

Just waiting to breakthrough

And a time will come

When the floodgates run

And all you'll be able to do is hold on

For the ride of your life

~ The Ride Of Your Life ~

Ben Sippola
Uncaged, Untamed And Maned (Lions)

At times

I have fallen into traps of grandeur


Mistaking my self as grander

Than my training had prepared me for


Lions do reside within all of us

The question is not if we are lions

But if we will give the beasts inside

The opportunity to roam wild and free?

~ Uncaged, Untamed And Maned (Lions) ~

Ben Sippola

I’d only met phoneys my whole life

Except that one time

Yeah that once

I met someone

Real as

Once you make a connection like that

You never forget it

~ Sincerity ~

Ben Sippola

Beware of your conditioning and everything you think you need to be for whatever silly reason you believe it to be.

You are wrapped in chains whether you know it or not.

Let them drop to ground so you can stop pretending to be some thing you are not and become everything you are.

~ Chains ~

Ben Sippola
On Going Back

If I could go back, I would have had so much more fun.

I’d have enjoyed the ride more.

I would have stopped worrying about what came next or who was watching what I did, understanding that nobody gives a shit at all.

I would have just lived, melting into the moment.

~ On Going Back ~

Ben Sippola
Entitled Tomorrows

Humans have been conditioned to believe in the concept of tomorrow

But there has only been and only ever will be today

If humans knew the true value of today


Not a single second would go to waste or be taken for granted

~ Entitled Tomorrows ~

Ben Sippola

When I was a kid I could play with them for hours on end.


Absorbed in imagination.

I created things and dismantled them, time and again.


Granting my self full permission, to build and build and build, until one day I stopped.

Who was I kidding?

~ Legos ~

Ben Sippola

Allow yourself the Grace to begin again.

Start afresh.

Brand new.

As if every yester you ever had was just that.


Gone are the days of the past.

Forge ahead, that is if you still have the chance.

~ Grace ~

Ben Sippola
Super Power

Allow yourself the grace to start again

Fresh faced

Like a babe

Erasing all of your yesterdays

In the name of the white blank page

A clean slate that awaits

Today and perhaps tomorrow

If one is fortunate

Go now

Imagine and create

~ Super Power ~

Ben Sippola
The Real Things

Failure predicates on the belief in "making mistakes." Success on the belief of having "made it." All language is essentially a lie. It is near impossible for man to explain the condition that is his existence. There is no failure. There is no success. There is only experiment.

After experiment. After experiment. Some having gone "better" than others. But then again, what makes an experiment "better" or "worse?" Are not the "best" experiments those that go "wrong" not "right?" Can you see the predicament? Most humans are caught in a complex tangle of lies.

All that matters is whether or not a human is sincere in his or her quest for the Truth. There is no wrong. There is no right. There is no "making mistakes is a good thing" or "do not tell children that they are the good at what they do." One cannot sugar coat such things.

We live. We die. We get one shot at this thing. The bitter taste of having left everything on the table. The regret of not having put one's foot forward. The fact that most men and women absolutely waste their lives away for fear of success or failure. Whatever it may be...

These are the real things, felt deep in the core. Intuitions. Instincts. Feelings. Having been able to step onto this planet and left it wanting. Wanting more from life because the brief time one was given was spent unwisely, carelessly, thoughtlessly, whatever it may be. These are the real things.

~ The Real Things ~

Ben Sippola