Benny Sip


A Great River You Are

Reevaluate everything you've ever known, been taught or told.

Learn everything all over again from the start but this time faster, having experienced everything the world has already thrown at you. Learning is your most valuable asset. Your biggest investment. Your greatest talent. One you have full access to at any place or time.

In all likelihood, you have lost touch with learning. But the beauty of something lost is that it only waits to be found again. Sitting dormant within all human beings is an insane capacity for learning. And for most of you, this invaluable skill, a reservoir of untapped learning potential sits still waiting to be released. Let the water run. 

The answer to accessing this untapped power? I have no answers. But perhaps a clue... yes, perhaps a clue will do.

Get curious again. Get really curious. About something. Anything will do. Preferably something you enjoy, inherently, just for the pure sake of it. Something that all of your life has been calling out to you, continually coming back to you, bothering you, an itch, that has followed you to every corner of the world. No matter where you go, it’s irritatingly waiting. Scratch it.

Perhaps it is a craft, like writing, painting, knitting, who knows what it is, anything. Allow yourself to fall in love with it, again if necessary. It's very likely you already know exactly what it is. You've known since a kid. If not, take a quick look at your hobbies. These favourite things you've disguised as past times, that if you could, you would do all the fucking time. Aim at mastery.

Then relearn what learning looks and feels like real fast. You will become addicted to it. Learning.

And then, only then, a tiny speck of light will show the way for you. Illuminating a path wide enough for you, just you, and your two feet only, moving one stride at a time. At first slowly, as a trickle. Then before you know it, flowing, as if a dam high up river has broken. You will know it when this happens because the world will open itself up for you. A massive gorge in the earth you won’t be able to ignore. And you, yes beautiful you, running through it. A great river, wild, brimming full of power, strength, grace, with great wisdom and wonder in its' waters. 

~ A Great River You Are ~

Ben Sippola