Benny Sip


Old Man

I'm searching for clues as to how I've come to be this old man

I see in the mirror

Life has written itself upon my hands and face and feet

They have all grappled long with the clock

And although weathered

They have stood the test of time

And while I may appear an old man to you

I have yet to discover any clues hiding inside

Telling me so

Just hints

Words if you will

On these hands and this face and these feet

That life has scrawled across them

From year to year

A great poem I have become

And if you peer behind these eyes inside you will find

A child



Full of wonder


As to how I've come to know these hands and face and feet of an old man

With eyes that shine forth

From a place within

Where a child lives still young and more full of wonder

Than ever before

~ Old Man ~

Ben Sippola