Benny Sip


Conversations Between Caterpillar And Butterfly

C: Butterfly?

B: Yes, dear.

C: You are so beautiful.

B: And so are you Caterpillar.

C: But not like you Butterfly. 

B: We are all beautiful Caterpillar.

C: Do you really believe that Butterfly?

B: I do. There is also no need to compare.

C: That's nice of you to say Butterfly but look at your beautiful wings!

B: Caterpillar, I too was once just like you.

C: That is sure hard to believe Butterfly!

B: But it is true and I can remember crawling just like you. And you know what?

C: What Butterfly?

B: I miss being able to see my many feet.

C: Oh, come on butterfly you must be kidding!

B: My dear Caterpillar, it is true indeed.

C: But Butterfly, when you are flying aren't you able to see the incredible world beneath you?

B: Yes caterpillar. The world is an extraordinary place.

C: I cannot wait to fly like you Butterfly!

B: My dear Caterpillar, when I look down and see you crawling, playing in the leaves, I smile, knowing that you are right where you are meant to be.

C: Really?

B: Yes, my dear Caterpillar, really. 

Ben Sippola