Benny Sip


There Came A Time

And then…

There came a time when all I wanted to do was write.

So that's what I did.

Perhaps a realisation that this was it.

My life. No one else's.

Despite everything I'd ever been taught or told about what I could or could not do, I wrote.

Devoting myself to the pen and page and that sacred space between.

That place where imagination and creation are given a chance to blend. Never knowing where the words would lead.

But why did the words ever have to end? Why did there have to be a destination? Why did they need to lead anywhere at all? 

So, as I did with everything else, I threw out every definition of success I'd ever believed, been taught or told.

Out the window went fame and fortune, status and recognition or the approval of some person or editor at a major publication.

I simply granted myself permission. Permission to write. Uninhibited. No pressure. No expectations.

Having given me everything along the way, the words owed me nothing in the end. 

~ There Came A Time ~

Ben Sippola