Benny Sip


I Believe In Many Things

My favourite time is 5:00 am or 5:30 am. Sometimes though 7:30 am when I've had a sleep in. At other times, 9am. It's no big deal what time. I've never been one for routine, but always upon awaking I am drawn to the page or what I like to call The White Blank.

The days' canvas. The space where I am granted permission, perhaps by my self or some greater force, to imagine and create. A sacred place where the creative process, a blending of sorts, is given license to occur. Then, for however long, I become lost. For the most part, forgetting who I am, where I come from and any illusions of what I've done or accomplished, letting all obstructions to the truth of life fall down. Revelatory are The White Blank and pen. 

For me, writing is a way of peeling back the layers. On a good morning, a cup of coffee in hand, I work my way somewhere towards the centre. Peering back into the life, the number of lives, I have been privileged to experience. Nearly 30 years of layers now, with each peel comes a glimpse, nothing more than a translucent microscopic layer of onion, a peak if anything, into the life I have lived.

Everyone deserves such a sacred space. This is believe. A place of quiet reflection, where, one is granted permission to become lost. To live if only for a moment, still, silent, accepted without judgement, pressure or expectation of any kind. A human alone with and his or her most clear and peculiar thoughts.

Yes. I believe that everyone deserves such a space. But, I believe in many things.

~ I Believe In Many Things ~ 

Ben Sippola