Benny Sip


Hey Kid

Hey Kid,

This universe is much bigger than you think it is. It works in ways wondrous. Mysterious ones. Beyond comprehension.

So don’t spend too much of your time attempting to make sense of it all. Pretending that you know much of anything. Doing so, will only make your head spin. Understanding this universe…

It is what it is Kid. The knowing of nothing. And that Kid, that lack of understanding, how this world works and spins, is a very beautiful thing.

So keep your hair long and heart and eyes open wide. All the time. Knowing that the beauty is always around you. Everywhere. All at once. Anywhere you go. The city street. The open field. The dark alley. The room full of light.

Abundant it is, Kid. The beauty. Absolutely. Abundant it is

~ Hey Kid ~

Ben Sippola