Benny Sip


The Great River Said

Yesterday, as I sat staring downstream into the distance the great river whispered to me,

“I have never tried a single day in my life. I began as a drop and despite what you may believe, I have never rushed anywhere in my life, nor have I ever been patient. I simply run and have done so since the beginning. This is what I do. Run. Sometimes slower and other times faster, but never ever have I been in a hurry to get somewhere that I am not already. And I have been all sorts of places, high and low. The most desolate and the most abundant of land. They are all different and yet they are all the same. It is what it is, the life of a river. I roll over and atop any and all obstacles that fall in my way, seeing them for what they truly are. Nothing. Everything. Nothing in the end. Apart and part of me. One big contradiction my life has been. The life of a river. How great it is to have been a river all this time, full of life and water and oneness.”

~ The Great River Said ~

Ben Sippola