Benny Sip


The Real Things

Failure predicates on the belief in "making mistakes." Success on the belief of having "made it." All language is essentially a lie. It is near impossible for man to explain the condition that is his existence. There is no failure. There is no success. There is only experiment.

After experiment. After experiment. Some having gone "better" than others. But then again, what makes an experiment "better" or "worse?" Are not the "best" experiments those that go "wrong" not "right?" Can you see the predicament? Most humans are caught in a complex tangle of lies.

All that matters is whether or not a human is sincere in his or her quest for the Truth. There is no wrong. There is no right. There is no "making mistakes is a good thing" or "do not tell children that they are the good at what they do." One cannot sugar coat such things.

We live. We die. We get one shot at this thing. The bitter taste of having left everything on the table. The regret of not having put one's foot forward. The fact that most men and women absolutely waste their lives away for fear of success or failure. Whatever it may be...

These are the real things, felt deep in the core. Intuitions. Instincts. Feelings. Having been able to step onto this planet and left it wanting. Wanting more from life because the brief time one was given was spent unwisely, carelessly, thoughtlessly, whatever it may be. These are the real things.

~ The Real Things ~

Ben Sippola