Benny Sip


Hey Kid

Hey Kid,

This universe is much smaller than you might think it is.

After all, all that separates us two, you and me and me and you, is the slightest of degrees.


You know, we are not that separate after all, you and I. And trust me, you never know when the paths we walk will cross.

So best to be yourself. That kid you are deep down. Kind at heart. Strong willed. And as for giving your best… Yes, always do your best, with effort, left foot forward. What I’m trying to say is the best you know how with all you’ve got, intentions pure.

Because if we haven't met yet, chances are that we will soon. Around some corner, when you least expect it. But, I will be. You know, expecting our “impromptu” meeting.

That’s right, I will be waiting for you to flash past me. Where in that brief moment, you lifting your gaze momentarily, our eyes meet. And then, yes we will have just met for the very first time. You and me and me and you. Us.

Yes. We. One.

~ Hey Kid ~

Ben Sippola