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Olé Football Academy Seeking Jedi Knights

A few months back, we posted the following job advertisement "Seeking Jedi Knights in Youth Football Development."

A bit to our surprise, unlike previous more "traditional" adverts, applications and CV's flooded in from qualified trainers across the globe. 

What did this mean? 

Well... either there are a number of football trainers that are also Star Wars nerds (highly probable). Or perhaps it means that football trainers widespread are searching for a different "way" forward. In regards to modern 21st century football development, trainers are seeking fresh, innovative and practical ways that work in bringing out the best in the players that have put their football development journeys in their hands.

You must unlearn all that you have learned.
— Yoda

The world of football development is begging for different answers to the same old questions...

  • What constitutes "best practice"?
  • How can I give my players the best opportunity to maximise their potential?
  • How can I simplify my football philosophy and align it with my teaching methodology? 
  • What sort of training sessions are the most practical and beneficial to players? 
  • Is there a framework designed to help me give my players the best on and off field experience and advantage?
  • How can I do right by the players and families that invest so much time, money and energy in my programme? 
  • How can I become a better trainer - teacher - coach?
  • Example: Read Legal Alien Advice: Stop Warming Up by Todd Beane

If you are in the business of player development then you are also in the business of seeking answers to questions like those above. Unfortunately, what you will find is that most answers to such questions are simply the status quo. What we know about the status quo is "that the masses are always wrong". That's where the Jedi Knight bit kicks in. 

You see, the Jedi Knight trainer challenges the mainstream. The Jedi Knight trainer is prepared to unlearn ways of the past in light of creating space for a "new way" forward. The Jedi Knight trainer sees the path upon which everyone else is walking and heads off in a different direction. The Jedi Knight trainer knows not what to do, as much as he knows what not to do, based on what everyone else is doing. The Jedi Knight trainer seeks Constant and Never-ending Improvement (CANi). The Jedi Knight Trainer is in pursuit of life - long - learning (L3) and the pursuit of becoming the best he or she is capable of becoming. The Jedi Knight aims to leave everyone and everything they touch better than they found it (LiBTYFi).

A man with new ideas is a madman, until his ideas triumph
— Marcelo Bielsa

Are you a Jedi Knight? 

Join Olé Football Academy as we welcome Todd Beane and company (TOVO Academy, Barcelona) to Porirua, New Zealand on the 13th and 14th of January 2018 for a two – day coaching and professional development seminar on “rethinking and redesigning youth football development.”

Todd Beane is the Founder of TOVO Training and TOVO Academy Barcelona. In TOVO Training, Beane has combined proven pedagogical practices of experts in the field of education with the visionary components of a total football legend (Johan Cruyff) into a dynamic and practical training methodology. To learn more about Todd’s approach listen to these podcasts!

Just Kickin’ It Podcast with Todd Beane

Just Kickin’ It Podcast || Picasso, Cruijff, and Coaching

To attend the seminar, coaches are asked to apply via TOVO Academy’s website. Apply todayFor more information on Todd Beane, check out his bio here.

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