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Peddling The Bicycle: The Olé Way

We recently received this super cool bicycle from Puma. It's sort of fitting, the arrival of this new super cool three - wheeler (tricycle), because recently there's a saying making its way around the academy.  "Everyone wants to jump in the limousine, but nobody wants to peddle the bicycle." @GaryVee

It's another way of saying that player development takes time, patience, care and good ol' fashioned sweat equity. In order to grow, maximise one's potential as a trainer, player, whatever the craft, there's a lot of peddling to be done. No short cuts, just a lot of peddling. Most players and trainers; however, are standing on the curb waiting for the nearest limousine to pull up and let them in. 

It's sort of like that nice quote “we don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” (Archilochus) Dreaming big - standing curbside - is easy. Putting in the work - getting one's ass onto the bicycle seat day in and day out - that's tough stuff, fun too.

We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.
— Archilochus

There's too much support for bicycle peddlers anyhow. The New England Patriots duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck - metaphorical bike peddlers in their own right, are perhaps the best example in sport. TB sat on the bench for years before rising to prominence as potentially the G.O.A.T. BB made $25 a week in his first coaching gig analysing video shit sandwich #1. His wikipedia page, may as well read "The Ultimate Bicycle Peddler." TB and BB are a great example of a trainer and player capable of limousine coasting at any moment; however, they remain peddling even while at the top. 

Apparent from yesterday's All Whites - Peru match, first and foremost the modern 21st century footballer needs to be a bicycle peddler. Synonyms may include: water carrier, shed sweeper, and warrior i.e. Winston Reid and Ryan Thomas.

"I don't want to single him out, but he's just got so much heart as well as his quality," Hudson said. "He has so much heart and fight and spirit. That's what got him that [half volley] chance, that fight and that spirit, wanting to drive and win." - Stuff

Are you creating and environment that develops peddlers or coasters?

Most importantly, are you peddling the bicycle?


Ben Sippola