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Football Development Paradise, New Zealand

Is there hunger in Paradise?

“If we’re in a nice, easy, pleasant environment, we naturally shut off effort. Why work? But if people get the signal that it’s rough, they get motivated now. A nice, well-kept tennis academy gives them the luxury future right now – of course they’d be demotivated. They can’t help it” – John Bargh (The Talent Code: Daniel Coyle)

We clearly see the potential of a vibrant and thriving New Zealand football development landscape with the "correct" set of environmental conditions in place. - The Olé Way

Is life too sweet in New Zealand to produce "World - Class" footballers? Is the football landscape conducive to producing players with the necessary ingredients for top - flight football or is it too nice, easy and pleasant? Is the environment we create for our players uncomfortable enough? Do we challenge our players in the "right" or "wrong" ways? What are the "correct" set of environmental conditions New Zealand needs to put in place / implement in order to build better coaches, footballers and teams? Great coaches make great players. Great players make great teams. Great teams win football matches... #CANi #L3 #LiBTYFi #SH3

Paradise, New Zealand . "There is no hunger in paradise." - Rasmus Ankersen

Paradise, New Zealand. "There is no hunger in paradise." - Rasmus Ankersen

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