Benny Sip


It's All About The Player

If there’s one thing to remember during your time at Olé,

“it’s all about the player.”

The player is #1 and without the players, well… this whole thing wouldn’t really make sense, would it? Keep this idea as a guiding principle in your day to day and your work will be filled with relationship, meaning and purpose.

We’ve brought you onto the team here because we think you can improve the player, period. You’ve likely got a few coaching badges. You’ve probably got some great playing experience. You may even have an impeccable CV, or not. Really none of that matters though, because it’s all about the player. The bottom line is that we think you are capable of helping the player improve. So, if you’re not really sure what you’re here for remember, it’s all about the player. If you ever get confused ask yourself the question, “what can I do to help the player now, today?” There’s always something to be done. Always. 

Note: At Olé the word “player” incorporates the entire human being. First and foremost, this is a football academy and we deal with the footballer. We take a holistic approach towards player development at Olé. What does this mean? It means that in development all things are connected. There are no separate pieces. Mind. Body. Spirit. We want to produce Confident, Courageous, Capable (3C’s) people that are really good at playing the beautiful game too.

“In this level, one thing is obvious, which is not all of the kids involved in a football team will be players, but all of them will be men. All of them, in spite of their professional future in any kind of area, they need to cooperate with people, they need to communicate with people, they need to support people and I think this is what football can give you and you can keep for life.” – Jose Mourinho
Ben Sippola