Benny Sip


Youth Football Development NZ: Tinder or Timber?


Eventually, the truth rises to the surface. It always does. Welcome or unwelcome. Expected or unexpected. Sometimes ugly, other times beautiful. A clear transparent unveiling.

Every athlete comes face to face with truth at some point. We all do. That revelatory moment where there's no more hiding. Talk can't talk anymore. It's down to walk. It's where we find what the fire is made of, tinder or timber? 

Expectations are but hopes and a hope is but a wish. A half extinguished dream is fuelled by hope. Hope is but a flicker. A flash of light. A catalyst to spur action. Tinder to a fire's flame.

Hope may keep a dream alive, just get it going; however, it's the timber - the slow burning fire’s fuel - where the action resides.

Hoping and wishing only takes one so far. It's the day to day sawing, chopping, and working of the axe that brings the tree down, where the craft is honed. A dream actualised requires action. Action requires work. Work is where we rise. 

Who is putting in the long hours behind the axe grinding away? Who is hoping and wishing. What fuels this fire? Tinder or Timber... 

We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.
— Archilochos
Ben Sippola