Benny Sip


Flight is possible. Now

Flight is possible. Now.

The human being is far more capable than he or she believes. Man labours to pick up a thousand stones when he is capable of moving mountains. Man toils his way through life working hard, but never coming close to becoming his absolute best. Man fails to come anywhere near living the one and only life he has been given to live. He is dead.

Flight is possible. Now.

If only man were able to free himself he would take on a rare form that was meant for him and him only. But few men ever give themselves the chance to fly, never seeing the chains that bind them. if only they knew how easy it was to cut the ties.

So man follows a path that is not his. In doing so, he fails to ever live. So he just exists. Inhaling. Exhaling. Running around a wheel that never ends. Going nowhere fast. Waiting for death. It is what it is. Many men would argue this.

But there is a way out for him. If he wants to get out, that is. Because few men do, truly seek the road to freedom.

Flight is possible. Now.

Some will read the above and nothing will happen. Perhaps, a laugh. Others though, in the still sincerity of their hearts, may hear a message. A message that exists for the man of rare form. The one and only. The sincerest of all.

~ Flight is possible. Now ~

Ben Sippola