Benny Sip



Our lives are circular

I understand this now 

They come round and round

You see

I used to get angry

With mom 

For vacuuming the house 

We had dogs

So many of them 

Three or four

Five at times

Incessant shedders

And mom 

Mom would vacuum

All the f’ing time 

Excuse my french

But this is how I felt 

Often times at 5:30 in the morning

I'm not joking 

My sister and I would be asleep

And mom 

Mom would already be drinking




"Is this some sick joke?"

I would think to myself

Waking at 5:30 am

To that damn Buzzing

We thought she was crazy 

My sister and I

This woman

Obsessed with cleanliness 


In love

With vacuums 

And their ability to suck up a room

She'd often come home with them

Second hand ones


She just bought from the thrift shop

"Look at this brand new vacuum I found!"

“25 bucks!” 

She would exclaim

Smiling from ear to ear

As if finding some hidden treasure

A craze in her eyes

"What is this woman on about?"

My sister and I thought

How could one be  


In love

With a machine 

Designed for sucking up things?

Often she would ask me

Yes me

Can you believe?

To use the damn thing

At age thirteen

Vacuuming!!! Really? Boring!

But Mom…

I get it now 

Why you felt like you felt

How you fell for the vacuum

After all

Our lives do come

Round and round

And now nearly thirty 

Living across the globe

With a dog

Just one

I understand

My crazy mom

The other day I bought my first ever vacuum  

I paid a fortune for it

I thought

Over $100 bucks

But later found out

That the best cost much much more

How I would love one of those thousand dollar heroes


I get it Mom 

You see

My vacuum


The one that belongs to me

Is my new prized possession  

And I am

In love

With it

And now I understand 

Life comes back around

~ Vacuums ~

Ben Sippola