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Educating Players and Parents #theoléway: Carpool Commuter Classroom

Carpool Commuter Classroom

The Olé Way Blog's purpose is to serve as an educational resource for parents, players, clubs and academies. Here, we aim to share and promote ways in which the modern 21st century football academy is able to educate, communicate, connect and engage with parents, players and academy stakeholders.

In the name of Life – Long Learning (L3) and Constant and Never - ending Improvement (CANi), Olé Carpool Commuter Classroom is a weekly news segment for the Olé Football Academy parent and player.

Olé F.A.'s Carpool – Commuter Classroom is one attempt at bringing day to day academy conversations into the Olé Football Academy household. Featuring podcasts, video blogs and media that the Olé staff and Young Olé players (ages 15 – 18) regularly use in their weekly mentorship meetings and round table discussions series, the intention of Carpool content is to bring parents and families along the educational ride of youth player and personal development.

#CANi #LiBTYFi #L3

"Too often parents are pushed aside and treated as obstructions to player development. A parent or group of parents working in synergy with the academy is a powerful means to increasing player growth and development. Thus, the academy’s role is to bring parents along the educational journey of youth player development, not to push them aside. When player, academy and parent are on the same page, player growth is maximised and potential increased.”
- Olé F.A. Staff
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