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Re-Imagining The 21st Century New Zealand Football Academy


At The Olé Way we view football as the world's #1 vehicle for implementing a multifaceted holistic education. "Holistic" seems to be the 21st century "catch phrase" when it comes to football academies; however, our results demonstrate that we are "walking the talk." Did we mention that we like acronyms? 

123 * L3 + P.A.P. + HSF + C3 + CANi + LiBTYFi + UBUNTU

L3 (Life - Long Learning): Football is more than a game. It is a medium for encouraging a love for Life - Long Learning. Humans have an innate capacity, curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Our approach taps into the footballer's brain, body and soul.

Parent – Academy – Player (P.A.P.) Model: The “Holy Trinity” of player development. 

"Too often parents are pushed aside and treated as obstructions to player development. A parent or group of parents working in synergy with the academy is a powerful means to increasing player growth and development. Thus, the academy’s role is to bring parents along the educational journey of youth player development, not to push them aside. When player, academy and parent are on the same page, player growth is maximised and potential increased.”
- Olé F.A. Staff

Human - Scholar - Footballer: In order to offer as many opportunity pathways possible for our players (keep all doors open) our players must first and foremost be humans of strong character - worthy of a referral - that are also dedicated scholars and ambitious footballers.  

C3 (Courageous, Confident, Capable): It is our aim to develop courageous and confident young people capable of becoming influential leaders in their communities. 

CANi (Constant and Never-ending Improvement): All footballers encounter variables - "ups and downs" - along the path towards maximising potential; however, a Growth Mindset (Dweck) and CANi attitude must remain constant controls. 

"It is not your aptitude, it is your attitude, that determines your altitude." - Zig Ziglar

LiBTYFi (Leave it Better Than You Found it): Legacy is everything. It is how one is remembered for the time he or she spends on this planet. It is how one treats and impacts the lives of others. Today, did you leave the pitch better than you found it? When it's all said and done, did you leave your teammates and the people you came in contact with better than you found them? [Lib - tif - eee] 

UBUNTU (I Am Because We Are): Without the team an individual cannot train, compete and ultimately improve / maximise his or her potential. Our players understand this important fact. Helping others = Helping oneself.

“Clubs that view themselves as learning centres put talent development at the forefront of their agenda.”
- Todd Beane (TOVO Academy)
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