Benny Sip



The Lottery... It's A Game For Suckers.

Professionalism is standing for something. Professionalism is the ability to delay gratification. Professionalism is making deliberate decisions. Professionalism is the little steps that add up to one giant leap for mankind. Setting goals that seem impossible at first and committing to them for the long term - that is professionalism. Hoping for an end result is not wise, nor is it professional. Professionalism is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

It’s scary this professionalism thing and most people never conquer their fear of it. Professionalism can beat you ragged, leaving you gasping for air, hands trembling on shaking knees, heart pounding.

It’s easy to never invest yourself. It's comforting to refuse your full potential. "I let my heart sit this one out." "I never gave it my best shot." "The conditions weren't right." "The sun wasn't shining."

Professionalism means that you might put your entire heart and soul into something and still fail. The empire you’ve worked so tirelessly to build, like castles in the sand, may crumble before your feet. 

You've been taught that standing for something makes you a freak - that self-control is alien. Discipline is odd. They've told you, "Sit down Tall - Poppy." "Blend in." "There is nothing worse than an over-achiever." Cutting you off at the knees is their favourite activity. Take a beer. Take two. Take three. Drink up. YOLO. 

Society's rules force followers. Professionalism challenges. Eating marshmallows makes you soft. Meaningful moment's are created by years of professionalism. 

They say that nothing great comes easy. Yet, everyone expects a golden ticket from the heavens to fall into their laps. It’s called the lottery and it’s a game for suckers. There are millions of golden tickets waiting like butterflies in a field. Professionalism is the net you need to capture yours. Don’t let it flutter into the atmosphere. Grab it. Hold on tight. It might drop you flat on your face. Then again, it might take you to the sky.

The moment is fleeting.

Fundamental Transformation

Caterpillar To Butterfly = Crawling In The Dirt To Flying Through The Clouds

"Rugball" To Football = World Cup Pretender To Championship Contender

Warning: The butterfly ain't that pretty at the start or the stages in between.
Ben Sippola