Benny Sip


Eb and Flow

One day

I am not sure when

I will board a great boat

And out to sea

Her and I will go

And as captain and maiden

We will throw

Our selves into the waves

Unveiling our sails

Letting everything we once were on land

Disperse into the wind

And then

When we have both dropped it all

Into the ocean below

Only then will we know

What it feels like to ebb and flow

~ Ebb and Flow ~

Ben Sippola
A Minnesota Childhood

When I was a boy

I used to sit at the end of the dock for hours

On end

Just watching sunfish

Circling in the water below

Occasionally dipping my toes or fingers

Just below the water’s surface film

Letting the fish nibble them

Attempting time after time to trick them

My sister and I

Made a great team

Catching them with plastic shovels and buckets as tools

Laughing and smiling and swimming

For hours on end

Concentrating only as children can

And then those days were gone

Just like that

Hours and hours full of buckets

And sand and and sunshine and sunfish

~ A Minnesota Childhood ~

Ben Sippola
Write With No Rules 

Those that tell you

There are "rules" to writing 

Have no clue

What they are talking about


It is highly likely 

That if someone

Often a PhD professor or "teacher"

Says so

They have never picked 

Up a pen

Of their own

On their own

And placed it on the glorious 

White blank canvas

Before them

That sacred space 

Where rules






That is

One is in the business 

Of making a list

Of what to do and not to do

With this one and only 

Life they were given 

To live 







But of course

There are rules 

To writing 

And these one must learn to break 

So that they

Can make 

Great art

That will last 

For ages after

One puts pen to paper

~ Write With No Rules ~ 

Ben Sippola
Dear Doctor Of Philosophy

Dear Doctor Of Philosophy

Anyone can earn a degree

By entering the world of academia

Learning all sorts of things

And nothing



To which degree

You are capable of





Knowing all the while

That the long arduous hours

Were never that at all

But just

Care free play

~ PhD ~

Ben Sippola
On Progress

The devastation of a clearcut

Extends far beyond

The tree tops

Down into the soil it goes

The effects felt for years




In the name of a "progress" that never rests

With no trees left

We will be out of breathe

Where's the progress in that?

~ On Progress ~

Ben Sippola
Conversations Between Caterpillar And Butterfly

C: Butterfly, I want to fly so badly.

B: There is no hurry my dear.

C: It's hard not to want to though.

B: I understand, but there is no need to hurry.

C: Yes, I worry a lot about flying.

B: There is no need to.

C: How can I stop worrying?

B: Take one step at a time. Before you know it you will be flying high in the sky.

~ Conversations Between Caterpillar And Butterfly ~

Ben Sippola
Hour Glass

Only matters of sheer importance

Are worth your attention

The last piece of sand

Pours from the hour glass

Faster than you can fathom


Your time is invaluable

~ Hour Glass ~

Ben Sippola

Our lives are circular

I understand this now 

They come round and round

You see

I used to get angry

With mom 

For vacuuming the house 

We had dogs

So many of them 

Three or four

Five at times

Incessant shedders

And mom 

Mom would vacuum

All the f’ing time 

Excuse my french

But this is how I felt 

Often times at 5:30 in the morning

I'm not joking 

My sister and I would be asleep

And mom 

Mom would already be drinking




"Is this some sick joke?"

I would think to myself

Waking at 5:30 am

To that damn Buzzing

We thought she was crazy 

My sister and I

This woman

Obsessed with cleanliness 


In love

With vacuums 

And their ability to suck up a room

She'd often come home with them

Second hand ones


She just bought from the thrift shop

"Look at this brand new vacuum I found!"

“25 bucks!” 

She would exclaim

Smiling from ear to ear

As if finding some hidden treasure

A craze in her eyes

"What is this woman on about?"

My sister and I thought

How could one be  


In love

With a machine 

Designed for sucking up things?

Often she would ask me

Yes me

Can you believe?

To use the damn thing

At age thirteen

Vacuuming!!! Really? Boring!

But Mom…

I get it now 

Why you felt like you felt

How you fell for the vacuum

After all

Our lives do come

Round and round

And now nearly thirty 

Living across the globe

With a dog

Just one

I understand

My crazy mom

The other day I bought my first ever vacuum  

I paid a fortune for it

I thought

Over $100 bucks

But later found out

That the best cost much much more

How I would love one of those thousand dollar heroes


I get it Mom 

You see

My vacuum


The one that belongs to me

Is my new prized possession  

And I am

In love

With it

And now I understand 

Life comes back around

~ Vacuums ~

Ben Sippola
A Grave Mistake

Man will do anything 

To give

His life 







At four o'clock

In the morning 

And going about

Doing things 

Like making phone calls 

Across time zones

Working out 

Meeting people



About nothing

Incessantly moving

Spinning wheels





At the same time 

Running all over


Going nowhere

But in circles

This is a grave mistake 

That man makes 

Most all of his life

Thinking that it is him who makes 

Meaning out of a life

That is not even his

Nor does he ever give

The chance to live

~ A Grave Mistake ~

Ben Sippola
The Opportunity Every Company Has

“You cannot adapt to an environment you do not inhabit”

Someone once said

The organisation corporation business company entity team

You belong to

Has the one opportunity

To act accordingly

S - incerely


H - onestly


I - ntegrity


T - ruthfully

So that those working

It’s employees

Have the chance to

Become exactly as the company they keep

~ The S.H.I.T. ~

Ben Sippola
We Are Not Looking At The Same River

While you and I stand here

On the banks of this great river

Overlooking the water

In the last light of day

We do not see the same river


From here

You can see

The riffle upstream

And the trout feeding in the pool below

And although it may seem

As if

We are looking at the same river

We are not

I see a different river

One that I have walked now and a thousand times before

And while your eyes may meet the water this evening

In the half light

They cannot possibly see what mine do

So much so

This river and I

Have come to know one another

~ We Are Not Looking At The Same River ~

Ben Sippola
The River Never Rushes

There is no reason for rushing ever

Just as the river never does

It just runs

Despite what they say

Sometimes slow and languid through long smooth stretches

Others fast and choppy as a riffle or rapid

But the river never rushes

And the water is never in a hurry to get somewhere

That it is not already

~ The River Never Rushes ~

Ben Sippola

Are you the bacon or the egg?


Commits itself entirely to the breakfast plate





The other

Walks away

To live another day

~ The Chicken ~

Ben Sippola
On Leadership

Instead of attempting to lead

Walk in such a way

That those behind you

Cannot help but want to

Follow you


Let them

Lead you

To new galaxies

As they pull like wild beasts


Holding onto the reigns


For the ride of your life

~ On Leadership ~

Ben Sippola
Babbling Brook

All around the world this morning

Men and women sit at coffee shops conversing

About the day's business

Busy - ness 

Has become

The modern man's existence

Racing rushing going nowhere


In the name of a race

That is not nor matters at all


The conversation babbles on


Over and atop the bedrock

~ Brook ~ 

Ben Sippola
Flight is possible. Now

Flight is possible. Now.

The human being is far more capable than he or she believes. Man labours to pick up a thousand stones when he is capable of moving mountains. Man toils his way through life working hard, but never coming close to becoming his absolute best. Man fails to come anywhere near living the one and only life he has been given to live. He is dead.

Flight is possible. Now.

If only man were able to free himself he would take on a rare form that was meant for him and him only. But few men ever give themselves the chance to fly, never seeing the chains that bind them. if only they knew how easy it was to cut the ties.

So man follows a path that is not his. In doing so, he fails to ever live. So he just exists. Inhaling. Exhaling. Running around a wheel that never ends. Going nowhere fast. Waiting for death. It is what it is. Many men would argue this.

But there is a way out for him. If he wants to get out, that is. Because few men do, truly seek the road to freedom.

Flight is possible. Now.

Some will read the above and nothing will happen. Perhaps, a laugh. Others though, in the still sincerity of their hearts, may hear a message. A message that exists for the man of rare form. The one and only. The sincerest of all.

~ Flight is possible. Now ~

Ben Sippola

Do you remember running through the hallways as a child? Perhaps in socks or bare feet.

How fast you felt as the walls flashed past. 

Sprinting effortlessly.

"No running in the halls!" some authoritarian was sure to yell out.

I would go back there in an instant.


10 year old me. Racing. Flying. Gliding. Sliding. Drifting into corners. Frictioning around bends. Static rising from my feet. Running.

Running just for the sake of running and having ran as a fast as I can. 

~ Running As The Ultimate Expression Of Freedom ~

Ben Sippola
What's In Store

Innovation is not always something new

It is often a return to

Peering back

Into the past

Studying our ancestors

And looking at

The simplest of things





And Sleeping

All of the “right” answers are there for you

Clear as day

Waiting for when you will begin to live


As you were made

~ A Return To Nature ~

Ben Sippola
The Taste Of Football

This is the most important training session of your life. Why?

Because it is. Right here. Right now. Right in front of your face. And tomorrow will be the same. If you are fortunate. Do you understand this?


I don't think so. I don't know if I do.

Do you love football for the sake of football or do you covet it for something else? Be honest with your self.

Are you in the business of mastering the craft? Becoming the absolute best you are capable of? Or are you interested in looking good, status, fame, admiration of family and friends, money or just passing the time because you have nothing better to do? Do you love football for football sake or something else all together?

There is no right or wrong here. There is just what is. There is only what you are. And you are what you are. But you can change. Through honesty and awareness and sincerity you can change. You can grow. You can improve your state. You can become. More optimal.

Often times looking forward is not the answer. Looking back as to why you began in the first place however....

When was the last time you really played football?

Like really played. With the heart of a child. Wild and free and untamed. Unthinkingly. In the grass. In the wet. The smell of it. The sweat.

~ The Taste Of Football ~

Ben Sippola